Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the AAW frequently asked questions page.  Please browse this page and if you don't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to answer your question.

Content Submission FAQ

This section provides answers to common questions about submitting content.

I'd like to help build content. How do I get started?

Building content is fairly simple and doesn't require any sort of HTML coding or any sort of technical expertise. Content is created by filling out forms that collect information which is automatically formatted into web pages.

There are two ways to contribute content.
1 - Send the webmaster your content via email. The webmaster will turn it into content.
2 - Ask the webmaster for contributor rights which will allow you to create content directly.

email the Webmaster now

Photo Album FAQ

Some tips and tricks related to creating Photo Albums

Album Creation Recommendations

Here are some recommendations regarding the creation of Photo Albums on the website.

  • Photo Albums should cover an event or a particular day of flying. Examples of good titles are "2010 Chugach Hike and Fly" or "Great Weekend at Baldy". Titles can be repeated; they will be distinguished by date.
  • Put the correct date on your photo album. Albums are sorted and can be searched for by date.
  • Don't overload your album with photos. 6-12 per album is a good target. Pick the good photos.
  • Good photos include recognizable people, unusually spectacular scenery, interesting situations, or illustrate an interesting story.
  • Each photo must be 2MB or less. Re-size your photos with Picasa or some other photo management software.
  • Tagging the album with flying sites is recommended so that the album can be searched for and also so that the album becomes referenced by the flying site guide. Only current paid members can access the photo search functionality.
  • Tagging the album with members that are present in the album is useful because it allows members to search for albums by person. Only current paid members can access the photo search functionality.

Album Limitations

There is currently a server imposed 2MB limit per photo so if you're photos are larger than that, you will need to re-size them before you upload them. Once your photos are uploaded, the website automatically re-sizes them to 1280x960 in order to further conserve storage space on the website. Once your photo is uploaded it typically takes up about 0.2MB on the server.

We have carved out 500MB of storage space to dedicate to photo albums which should equate to about 2,500 photos. This should last us a long time.

In addition to the 2MB per photo limit, there is also a 10MB limit per Photo Album which translates into about 50 photos. That's way more than anyone should upload to a single album.

Can I add my photos to someone else's album?

Yes. If someone else created an album and you would like to add your photos to the same album, just click the edit tab and add your photos.

How do I change the cover of the Photo Album?

The first photo in your album is automatically the cover of the album. To change the cover, first create the album then click the edit tab to edit the album. Each photo should be shown in a table with crossed arrow to the left of each photo. Click and drag the crossed arrow up or down to change the order of the photos.  Drag the photo that you want to be the cover to the top of the table of photos.

How do I change the order of the photos in the album?

Click the edit tab to edit the album. Each photo should be shown in a table with crossed arrow to the left of each photo. Click and drag the crossed arrow up or down to change the order of the photos.

I can't seem to upload my photos.

Make sure that you have JAVA and Adobe Flash installed on your computer. It won't work without it.

The new 64 bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is not compatible with Adobe Flash and won't work until Adobe comes out with an update. Try running the 32 bit version instead.

Membership FAQ

This section provides answers to common membership questions.

When do Memberships Expire?

Memberships are for the current year only and all memberships expire on the last day of December each year.  This applies to not only AAW Memberships but also the Harry Mac Landing Zone fee.
Why?  This process was established back when memberships were tracked manually and having a single date upon which memberships expired made it much easier for the membership coordinator to keep track of who's current.  This philosophy may change in the future but for now we're sticking with it.

Are memberships and fees paid through this site tax deductable?

Since the AAW is a registered 501c3 non-profit, you membership dues may be tax deductable.
However, other fees such as the Harry Mac Landing Zone fee are NOT tax deductable because payment of the fee is only handled by the Arctic Air Walkers.  One hundred percent of these fees are passed on to the organization that requires the fee.

How do I become a member of the Arctic Air Walkers?

Becoming a member of Arctic Air Walkers is simple.  Just visit the Membership page and follow the instructions.

Is my credit card information safe?

Your credit card information is only seen by PayPal and is not transferred to our website or any of our administrators.  PayPal simply notifies us once the transaction is complete so your credit card information is as safe as any PayPal transaction.

Visiting Pilot FAQ

This page provides answers to common questions from visiting pilots.

How can I get connected with local pilots.

The best way to get connected to local pilots is to post a message on our forum.  The current forum is a Yahoo Groups based forum so you will need to sign up for a Yahoo account to use it.  The link is

This Yahoo Group will eventually be replaced by a forum integrated into this website but for now, please use the Yahoo Group.

The forum is actively monitored by pretty much all of the pilots so you should receive a pretty quick response.

What sort of rating do I need to fly sites in and around Anchorage?

All sites require that pilots must hold a minimum of a P2 rating unless they are under the supervision of an USHPA Instructor.  Some sites have additional restrictions.  Visting the Flying Site Guide for specific requirements.

What is Paragliding and Hang Gliding?

This page provides answers to a number of Paragliding and Hang Gliding frequently asked questions.

What is "USHPA"

USHPA is the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

USHPA is an organization that's dedicated to promoting the growth of sport flying in foot-launchable soaring aircraft.  They provide a self regulated rating and instruction program that helps people enter and participate in the sport as safely as possible.

Find out more by visiting their home page at

How do I learn how to fly?

Paragliding is deceptively simple.  It looks easy and many aspects of it are simple.  However there many ways for the uneducated to get killed in a paraglider and only a USHPA Instructor has the knowledge and experience to help you get into the sport safely.  Your life is worth it.  Get proper instruction.

Contact one of the local USHPA Instructors listed on the Local Instructors page.