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Ascent H2 Varios released and ready

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Still for Sale
The new Ascent Varios are finally ready for distribution. 
  • Pricing will remain the same as the h1. $349
  • The processor will also be the same, so it will be "easy" to continue to make firmware improvements to the h1 and the h2 at the same time.  It is our intent to keep the h1 "up-to-date" with new improvements as long as the hardware supports it.
  • The h2 will have the same shape (but new color options).
  • The display will be better supported and protected so that it will be less likely to break.  It will also be possible for the user to replace the display if it does break.
  • Changed to a more robust USB connector.
  • Changed to a new GPS that has faster acquisition and a better signal.
  • Changed to a bigger memory chip (2x) so that we will have more space for tracks, airspace, and other future items.
  • Modified the audio circuit for battery life improvements.
  • Added an accellerometer since this seems to be much requested now.  However, this feature will be disabled initially and will have to wait for future firmware upgrades.
  • Added an "open case" detect switch.  This will eventually be used to get official OLC certified flight recorder status.

There are several color options.  Take a look at the picture and let me know what color you desire. 







H2 Colors

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