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Parabiking Ship Lake Pass

Sun, 09/11/2011

Adrian, Ian, and I biked/hiked up to Ship Lake Pass and found the wind to be on the strong side. We were sitting around for a while trying to decide if were brave enough to fly when all of a sudden Allen came plummeting by on his speed glider maintaining during the passes but diving on the turns.

After a little more thinking Adrian clipped in and wrestled his glider into the air and did well enough to convince Ian and I to take to the air. I took off in a lull that lasted for the entire duration of my flight. Landing near the bottom, I threw my glider over my shoulder and hiked back up as Ian launched and Adrian went over the back. By the time I got back up to the top, Ian was at the bottom and a strong cycle was coming up. I launched, breaking a brake line in the process and immediately climbed up high enough to dive over the back of the pass landing near Adrian at the trail head.

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