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An Excellent Spring Day

Sun, 04/08/2012

Adrian, Eddie, Josh, Troy, and I hiked up to the switchbacks with the hope of skying out in strong spring thermals over the cliffs below launch. We got to the top of launch just as the clouds closed in and after waiting for an hour or two we gave up and headed down to join the rest of the folks at Baldy. We all launched into light and smooth conditions. After soaring some light thermals that took me to relatively a low cloudbase, I noticed that I had Columbia Glacier Loop road on easy glide so I headed out towards the Switchbacks and found a boaty line that took me right past it. I continued on, finding only light lift but consistently good glides from LZ to LZ and finally got a good climb as I approached the Nature Center. Once I got there I found a convergence line that let me fly all the way across the valley in fairly strong lift and continued to fly up valley to the blue sky on the other side of the convergence. This was one of my more pleasant trips back to the valley.

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