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A Cold Snowy Sledder in November

Sat, 11/17/2012

Laddie's writeup for the day:

"Another spectacular day with the ‘regulars’ (and once again a couple new pilots) up Gordon Lyon @12 degrees. 10 pilots, no hikers or hound dogs.

Sylvian, Brad, Matt B, Issac, Frank, Oli’, Josh, Troy/Jason (tandem) and Laddie. Josh had the most invigorating launch with a 50 yard dash downhill (south/downwind) with a right turn, a stutter in his last step at take off and didn’t kick Matt’s bag off the hill. So after our illustrious ‘aero tech’ showed us the way we all moved to a more northerly launch and everybody had room to set up. Josh waited for us on Highland Ridge after top landing (show off) and relaunched after a few of us passed by. Frank brought out the latest in paragliders (a bed sheet with rib attachments). Actually looked like an unfinished wing without the ‘ram air’ or bottom layer. Damn if he didn’t make it all the way to the wood lot with air to spare and he hiked it up in a day pack with harness and reserve to boot."


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